“Tell me, Tell me. Who may roar? The bird and the boar please tell me more.

Tell me, Tell me. Who may swim? The squid and the chimp if it pleases him.

Tell me, Tell me. Who may tweet? The lion and the sheep any day of the week.

All are Monimals, All are the same!

Tell everyone who hears, their fighting is in vain!

Children’s Nursery Rhyme- Author Unknown

From whence do we come is a question no one may ever know. The sky is blue, the sun smiles happily, but time is the mistress that is most fickle. Would that we could travel it as easily as we swim through our oceans and seas, but alas it must not be meant to be.. Though the Monimal’s past may be a bit hazy, studying those of us left in the present may give us some insight into more knowledge about ourselves.



It is theorized that there are over 10 million types of Monimals currently living today (though that number is highly contested and further research is being conducted in this area). This group can be further broken down into a collection of colloquial terms that we Monimals have called ourselves for centuries.


There are the birds of the air, feathered light peoples with the uncommon natural ability of flight.

The mammals, as varied as they are common.

The reptiles, a tough and scaled people.

The insects, thoroughly smaller in stature in comparison to the rest.

The aquatics, those that live primarily in our oceans.



Each monimal type is more varied than the last, but we do know a bit about their genetic makeup.


Though This may be appalling to some, there are increasing documented research that seems to indicate that every monimal of every species can produce viable offspring, due largely in part to the research of Dr. Mintz Minx.


Dr. Mintz Minx theorized that monimals could interbreed, and that their offspring would produce random hybrids of a sort. His findings however, were much more perplexing. Species interbreeding produced baby monimals that took their inherited species almost entirely from their mother and father. The changes that did occur were mainly negligible, like eye and hair color.


Dr. Mintz’s researc

I will be giving it my valiant attempt thrh seems to indicate that Monimals of all type have some sort of similar origin, but as to what that is we cannot say for sure.

throughout the rest of this essay to assess the most prevalent historical data and scientific findings to find a the best reasonable conclusion to our origins as a people.


We will start with an assessment of the bloodiest time in our history…


From Dr. Lon’s Benchmark Historic and Academic Work “The Trek to The Hills