Mission and Vision


VISION AND MISSION FOR CCC ICONCool Comic Creations’ mission is to innovate the field of entertainment and provide opportunities to all artists and creatives who seek to inspire worldwide. Our goal is to make all of our products a phenomenal and unique experience that leaves our fans with a sense of awe and satisfaction.

We strive to one day get rid of the concept of remote, inaccessible artists and creators and make all entertainment markets accessible and sustainable for all innovative upstarts. We intend to prove 100 times over that creativity is not dead; that it can come from the most innocuous of places, and that those who follow the creative spirit will always lead the industry.


  1. Our vision is to bring about a future where the creative force of small-time innovators will make a significant impact and visible change to the current standard.
  2. We seek to lead Video Games, Animation and Comics into an era of sophistication, progress, acceptance, and accessibility as never before seen or done in time.
  3. We won’t rest until we’ve become the Gold Standard for creative integrity in our respective fields and a beacon of hope and inspiration for innovators worldwide.