Come join our great team on our first major project!  

CCC-Team-on-Stairs-with-CCC-Logo-1040x735Take Point is a unconventional strategy game, for mobile and computer devices that tasks the player with controlling their own character, who’s appearance comes from the player’s unique “personality color” (Red, Blue, Green, or Yellow) and contribute to a team of 3 other randomly chosen individuals who also might have differing colors, as they must understand one another and have synergy as they understand personality typing and quirks as well as drawbacks to best build their defenses in a vibrant and colorful environment against the evil Ne-Min who seek to destroy the players tower! Overcome your differences and work together with material gathering and crafting, jobs for each character, as well as random events might help or hinder your team!

This is our first major project and we would love those who are willing to help us on this amazing opportunity of ours to make this game! We are looking for those wide eyed idealist who are looking to awe others and make their mark on the gaming industry in a meaningful and powerful way!