How to Become the Best at Everything

“How to become the Best Graphic Novelist and Artist who ever lived.

Leo PicThere are 5 Points to achieve this goal.

Point 1: Belief

Belief is the most integral part of an artists life. If an artist does not believe in his/her cause or his/herself then they will find many a stumbling block. Belief is everything in art as it is what drives your passion and direction. Believing in yourself is not hard. All men are cut from the same cloth. All men are dwarfed by the Most High God. If you can think, think on what you can do and will do, not on what you can’t or won’t.

Point 2: Focus

A very, very necessary skill to acquire is a prolonged focus span. The greater your ability to focus the better you become at the works you do and the more your art remains true to your vision. Focus keeps you on task and on goal and helps make your work more effective.

Point 3: Perseverance

There may come times when the goal seems too far off or your art is not progressing. Keep trying and doing anyway. Rome was not built in a day. If you stay stagnant, doing nothing, then nothing will get done and no progress will have been made. Just keep trying and doing. When frustration arises remember to believe in yourself and that you can overcome this block.

Point 4: Vision

Vision is a skill that must be cultivated and has roots in imagination and innovation. Vision is the horizon you set for yourself and the goals you want to reach and conquer. True Vision comes from a knowledge of self, environment, people and life. Vision can be a powerful driving factor, and when done right with the other 4 points it will be massively achieved.

Point 5: Study/Practice

A Thorough knowledge of what’s been done before and their techniques can really propel your skills to be a great artist. Through trials and study much can be achieved and insight can be gained even if your other points start to waver. A master is formed when they can do the works of the old masters and even more.”

Leo ProgressDuring this time I tried to limit my goal of becoming the next Walt Disney to being satisfied with just becoming a renowned graphic novelist. As usual with myself back then, I had to layout a sort of pumped up plan of action that reads more as a declaration than anything. But I believe these principles still apply today.

I am glad I ran across this again and it has reinvigorated me to keep moving forward.